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by TRIPLE H PRODUCE LLC 24 April, 2018

Agrícola La China is a successful produce operation of peppers and tomatoes located in El Rosario, Sinaloa.

As they expanded their productive capacity, as well as the quality of their products, they considered the possibility of developing their supply business from the national market to export.

As in any other industry, this process of growth leads to a series of management challenges that depend on the success or failure of an operation. La China growers, aware of the vital importance of following the right strategy, decided to seek the advice of an expert and trusted marketer – Triple H Group-.

 Expert and constant accompaniment

In La China’s General Manager words, Juan Carlos Valdez Medina, what started as a query, lead to a fruitful relationship that has been maintained and prospered over the years: “We’ve accomplished the opening of the packing area with Triple H’s support. They’ve been supporting us with advisory and constant accompaniment. We chose them for their growth mission, which goes hand in hand with our objectives,” commented.

The addition and start-up of the packaging area were undoubtedly crucial for development, but there are other aspects without which the export process is unthinkable. The strict and always changing quality and safety regulations, the delicate maintenance of the cold chain, the unpredictable fluctuation of prices, and the whimsical turns of demand, compete with the complex art of producing quality fruits.

To undertake all these marketing tasks synchronized with the work of production would require not only the hiring of experienced professionals in each area but the absolute rapport between them to form an efficient team. All of this is precisely what Agrícola La China has achieved by allying withTriple H.

 Continuous improvement in quality and food safety

Triple H has the required expertise to deal with fluctuations in demand for fresh products from the US market and knows the challenges very well and the opportunities presented in the production in the same Mexican soil. “They’ve been supporting us with their experience and teamwork to achieve continuous improvement in our quality and food safety efficiency -both at the field and at the packaging area.”

 Agricola La China receives inspectors of quality and food safety in the field and at the packaging area. Triple H’s highly trained team keeps in constant touch with the grower, so the production can be continuously improved.

“With the implementation of new rules, we can guarantee the quality of our products; this gives us new opportunities to the growers that work under the requested guidelines”, Valdez Medina explains.

 At the forefront of the market

Having an ally that knows both the target market and the needs of the producer, training its members so that they remain at the forefront of the market, is a luxury that Agricultural La China appreciates in its just measure: “Much of the communication with Triple H is all the news on the market in terms of prices and new regulations; that gives us the confidence that our company will always be at the forefront. The direct relationship with Heriberto for sales, with Hugo for the production area and with Claudia for administrative matters, and its business structure gives us the confidence to commercialize our product. "

Communication, trust and respect are qualities every grower interested in progress should expect from their allies. Triple H is a solid company, with experience, that will look after the interests of your production company while helping you to conquer new markets.